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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Primary Program Time!

Hi everyone,

I am Meggi the Stake Primary Music Leader in the Denver North Stake! I'm excited to say that it is that time of year....PRIMARY PROGRAM TIME!

There were two today that went awesome! So for the Thornton and Riverdale wards congrats you are done! Now you get to enjoy the rest of the year. For the rest of you it is buckle down time to get ready. Here are some fun review games to help you prepare.

American Idol
The kids love this game and it is soooo easy.
Ask 3 teachers or presidency members to be your judges.
One judge will be (Or whatever your primary needs to work on)
-Standing and Sitting

Have the children sing one of the songs and have the judge rate the song 1-5. Have the primary sing the song again correcting anything needed until each song gets a 5!

Winston the Worm
I have shared this before because I LOVE it! I save Winston for just once a year because he is magic. Here is the link where I got the idea:

The link explains it really well, my only suggestion is make sure you play into the silliness.  For senior primary just tell them you know this is silly but you also know they are not too old to have fun right!? Encourage them to play into the idea because it is silly and fun.  Even the older kids have fun if you give them permission.

Balloon Review
This is super simple but the kids love it.

Hopefully this will give you a good start.  As you can see is a great resource.  Her ideas have made me look awesome lots of times :)


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