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Monday, February 10, 2014

March Helps

Hey so I realized you may not be a procrastinator like me so you may have already started to think about March.  So March's song is I Stand All Amazed.  So cool!!! I love this hymn and I know it was inspired to have all the children around the world learn the words to this amazing song!

What I think makes this song special is that can have strong personal meaning to each of us individually. This is a great opportunity for us to share our testimony of the savior and specifically the atonement. Here are some ideas of how I would do that.

-Pray before in your heart.
-If your kids are rowdy take time to calm them by being reverent, speaking quietly and waiting for the spirit.
-Sing through the 1st verse and chorus explain that this is a very special song and you hope they can feel the spirit as you sing to them.
-You can read through the words of each line and explain what it means.
-Tell a story about a time when you used the atonement and how it made you feel
  • You can use mine if you can't think of one. When I was in high school. I made a bad choice.  It was something I felt very guilty about. I didn't want to feel that way so for the first time in my life I wanted to truly repent.  I had said sorry before but I had never felt the sorrow I was feeling.  I began to pray and to study.  Soon the guilt disappeared and I began to feel love. I knew that Heavenly Father loved me a was happy to forgive me. This is the atonement. Jesus died for us so that when we make mistakes when can repent and be forgiven.
-Explain that it here for all of us, even the children.
-Sing the chorus once again
  • Ask the primary what the song makes them feel?
  • What word is repeated in the chorus? Why is it Wonderful?
    • Don't rush this, let the kids bear testimony to you, take time to discuss.
-Sing the chorus again
  • Have the children join you on the chorus.

-At this point you can teach the 1st verse but don't make this the focus.  I think the focus of the introduction of this song should be what the atonement is, invite the spirit, and testify of Christ.

Tell your ward chorister that the primary is singing this song this year.  Ask if they can incorporate it often through the year so the children can hear it in sacrament meeting.  It is so fun to hear the kids singing a hymn louder than the adults.

Here is what the sharing time outline says to help teach the song:
Divide the children into four groups. Give group
1 GAB 116, and sing the first phrase of the song to

them. Discuss it briefly, and then have them sing

it a few times with you. Continue with each group

and each additional phrase (use the following
pictures: group 2, GAB 108; group 3, GAB 57;

group 4, GAB 56). Sing the whole first verse with

each group standing, holding their picture, and

singing their phrase. Invite the groups to switch

pictures, and sing the song again. Repeat until

each group has sung each phrase. Sing the chorus,

and ask the children to listen for how many times

you sing the word “wonderful.” Repeat the chorus

a few times with them, and invite them to place

their hands over their hearts each time they sing

the word “wonderful.”

I encourage you to teach all 3 verses.  Use pictures or movement to teach the words. Hope this is helpful.



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